*What future requirements are there if I open a wholesale/Independent Distributor account? The only requirement is that you make one $50 Young Living purchase in a calendar year from when you enroll, which your kit purchase will fulfill this requirement.

*On the enrollment form, there is a section to “Pick Your Essential Rewards Kit”.  What is that? You do not have to select an Essential Rewards Kit to enroll. Simply check the box beneath to opt out. This option is available to new distributors to introduce you to all product areas within Young Living, including Home, Wellness, Beauty, and Balance categories. You will learn more about Essential Rewards if/when you decide to begin building a business with Young Living.

*Which is the cheapest way to go when buying Young Living Products? The cheapest way to buy your products is at wholesale price, which is always 24% off, every time you order. Enrolling as an Independent Distributor allows you to buy at wholesale.

*What is the benefit of enrolling under you? I will be your direct support, and I am extremely excited to have you on my team! I will continually provide you with valuable information to enhance and optimize the benefits you can receive using Young Living products. I will build a community of oilers who will connect, answer each other’s questions, pray for each other, and celebrate each other’s health successes. I consider it an honor and privilege to earn your enrollment. Check out my team's oily website to learn more www.welloiled.us.

Please shoot me an email if you become a member! I have a great essential oil resource book i want to gift you & send you a free oily bag! 

Take care,
Reagan  ​

I choose Young Living essential oils for my family because of the purity and their seed to seal quality that you will not find in any other essential oil brand.  You can read more about seed to seal here. My family has been using YLEOs since March 2014. I love being able to give my family a natural alternative to over-the-counter drugs. Of course, there is always a time and a place for OTC drugs, but they're not my first line of defense anymore. Also, essential oils have been used for thousands of years for medicinal, cosmetic, spiritual, and emotional purposes! Learn more about young living oils here

How you can get Young Living oils

why young living essential oils

There are 2 ways to purchase oils from Young Living.

1.) Enroll to buy Young Living Essential Oils at RETAIL PRICES 


2.) Enroll to buy Young Living Essential Oils at WHOLESALE PRICES (24% off retail on every purchase).  Click here to become a wholesale member.

To become a wholesale member, you enroll with a purchase of a starter kit! There are a couple to choose from, but the Premium Starter Kit is my favorite.  You get 11 of the most used, common everyday oils, a great home diffuser and a lot of samples to share with friends & family.   With the purchase of a kit includes your yearly wholesale discount! 

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